• Meredith Piazza

    MSW | LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Meredith Piazza

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience. My experience ranges from attachment work with young families in the foster care system, clinical therapy with women experiencing trauma and violence in their relationships, to children and families in both school and private practice settings. Working with children, teens, and adults struggling with trauma, stress, anxiety, parenting, and depression have brought me to a place of understanding and empathy.

My therapy style is warm and interactive. I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity and compassion. It takes courage to seek out a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change. I am here to support and empower you in that journey using a variety of evidence-based treatments and models. I often draw from Cognitive Behavioral , Humanistic, Attachment, and Trauma-informed models in my approach. I have additional certifications in Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) and Circle of Security Parenting (COS.)

Meredith Piazza


Child, Adolescent, Parent, and Family Therapy

Comprehensive therapy services are available for the child, adolescent, young adult, and/or family.

Meredith offers an integrated treatment approach based on the specific needs, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Trauma
  • Peer Relationships
  • Family Conflict
  • Perinatal / Postpartum Depression
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Circle of Security Parenting ©

Meredith is trained in and uses the following evidence-based models:

  • Prenatal / Postnatal Mental Health Therapy
  • Circle of Security Parenting
  • Child Centered Play Therapy
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy

Additional Information

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Therapy

Infant mental health refers to the social-emotional well-being of children between the ages of 0 to 5. Developmentally, a child between the ages 0 to 5 is said to be experiencing rapid brain development thus learning and absorbing from what their environment has to offer, within the context of their relationships with their parents and caregivers. These first years are so important and lay the foundation for future relationships and development. This concept can come with a lot of pressure and challenges as we know that the first few years can be some of the hardest and most challenging. These first years can also be the most challenging and may leave parents feeling stuck. Infant Mental Health Therapy is a relationship-centered and evidence-based to support parents as they navigate their child’s early years.

Some areas of interventions:

  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Aggression
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Challenges in childcare or school
  • Defiance
  • Depression
  • Exposure to a traumatic event
  • Fear or anxiety
  • Fussiness or difficulty calming down
  • Grief / loss
  • Parent / child relationship challenges



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